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The Brain Cancer Group

We are focused on improving patient outcomes across the spectrum – from patient care to working towards finding a cure for this devastating disease. 

We do this by taking a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to deliver impactful  programs which are aimed at improving the lives of those affected by brain cancer. 

Our tag line, From Care2Cure, was chosen to reflect our commitment to the 3 Pillars of 



BRAIN CANCER  is one of the most under-studied of all cancers, yet receives LESS THAN 5% of government funds allocated to cancer research.
Please help our researchers improve outcomes for patients by supporting our events in any number of ways. Your contribution is much-needed and greatly appreciated. 

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Brain Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in children under 15 years, accounting for one third of cancer deaths in this age bracket.

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Brain Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in adults under 39

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Brain Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in females aged 0-44 years (after breast cancer)

High-Grade Glioma

The most common Brain Cancer, high-grade glioma, is almost 100% fatal


One person is diagnosed with brain cancer every six hours in Australia

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Brain cancer is one of the most under-studied of all cancers, yet receives very little research funding

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Thank you for your support of the
4th Annual White Pearl Ball

Thank you to all for your attendance, donations, pledges and contributions to the 4th White Pearl Ball which raised over $190,000. Our goal of $140,000 to purchase the Elispot Reader has been surpassed. Thank you!


Since 2014 there are many individuals and organisations that have contributed to this awareness raising and fundraising initiative. Please know your contribution is very much needed to sustain the critical work of the Group and support brain cancer patients. 


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In August 2012, our beloved mother and grandmother Christina Peponis, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and referred to Dr Raymond Cook, neurosurgeon, at Sydney’s North Shore Private Hospital. There, we soon met the other members of her medical "dream team": medical oncologist Associate Professor Helen Wheeler, radiation oncologist Associate Professor Michael Back and neuro cancer care co-ordinator Marina Kastelan.

Following world-class surgery by Dr Cook and his surgical team, we received confirmation that the tumour, a glioblastoma multiforme, was the commonest form of brain cancer and the most fatal, with an almost 100% fatality rate.

Together with the highly competent nursing staff on Level 3 North of North Shore Private Hospital, her medical team provided exceptional and seamless care during her 15-month journey, which ended peacefully on the morning of November 19th, 2013. She could not have been in better hands.

Whilst on the ward, we discovered that in 2000, Dr Raymond Cook and fellow neurosurgeon Dr Michael Biggs, co-founded the charity Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group, affectionately referred to as SNOG.

They established care and education programs to support their patients, whilst also funding research into brain cancer, in the hope of contributing to a cure.

They were soon after joined by Associate Professor Helen Wheeler and a few years later, Associate Professor Michael Back. All four eminent brain cancer specialists, remain on the Board and with their fellow Board members, carefully oversee the allocation of donated funds to the programs established by the Group.

The Brain Cancer Group Board dedicates time and expertise to this cause pro-bono.

Community support and donations continue to sustain this charity, which recently rebranded to THE BRAIN CANCER GROUP, From Care2Cure, reflecting and upholding the commitment to the original 3 Pillars of Research, Education and patient and carer Support.

White Pearl Fundraiser was established to support the dedicated researchers of The Brain Cancer Group in their quest to find solutions for brain cancer patients. 

In August 2018, the White Pearl Fundraiser successfully transitioned to an Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) approved charity and is now the WHITE PEARL FOUNDATION.

Founder and organiser of all White Pearl Foundation awareness and fundraising events, Suzane Peponis-Brisimis, joined the Board of The Brain Cancer Group, From Care2Cure in February 2016. All Suzane's work for the White Pearl Foundation and The Brain Cancer Group is undertaken voluntarily.

ALL PROFITS donated from White Pearl Foundation events to The Brain Cancer Group, go directly to brain cancer research. We thank you for your support. www.braincancergroup.com.au

The White Pearl Foundation honours all who have succumbed to brain cancer, those who are currently struggling and all their loved ones. The Foundation also honours the enormous contribution made by those in the medical profession who treat these patients and support their families and the researchers who devote their lives to finding solutions.

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White pearls symbolise purity, beauty, new beginnings, innocence, generosity, wisdom acquired through experience, simplicity, protection, peace, the store of truth, faith and love, loyalty of it’s wearer to the cause........ 
.......and because Christina loved them.


"It takes a community to end brain cancer"

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4th Annual White Pearl Ball 2018.

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